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Types Of Casino Bonuses

As we told you in one of our previous articles, bonuses are a great way for the online casino to attract players. But inevitably, this has the effect of generating a fairly stiff competition between different casinos on the internet. The latter will therefore redouble their efforts to put online bonuses even more attractive than those of their competitors.

For you, lovers of scratch cards, this is a bargain, so you can enjoy more original bonuses and especially with rates always stronger. Do not be surprised to see in the "Bonus" part of your casino lots of promotions, sometimes several pages, just for you. Of course, it will be necessary to sort out which ones are intended for scratch card players. But rest assured, you will always have something to do, it is a guarantee that we give you. So here are the two big bonus families:

Deposit Bonuses

To activate them, you will need to make a deposit of money using the different methods available to you. Once the deposit is done, you will see the sum of the bonus directly add to your balance and then you will just have to use your scratch games. The different deposit bonuses are:

Welcome bonuses: these are the most interesting because they offer the highest rates, sometimes up to 400%. This amounts to multiplying by 4 the amount of your deposit. That's huge, is not it?

Refill bonuses: every time you make a deposit, you will be able to negotiate a bonus. The more you are loyal to your casino, the more these bonuses can be attractive.

No Deposit Bonus

This is of course the bonuses that we prefer because you do not need to deposit money to get them. Of course, these bonuses will not allow you to earn astronomical sums. But they are, nevertheless, always good to take:

Loyalty bonuses: Some casinos pay you a percentage of your monthly expenses in the form of a free bonus. Thus, the more you deposit, the more this bonus will be important.

Referral bonuses: If you sponsor one of your friends, you can get a sum that will usually be 50 €. It is kind of a thank you from the casino for bringing a player.

The bonus of highlighting games: sometimes, a scratch game will be put forward, either because the casino wants to restart, or because the game has just been put online. So, to achieve a good promotion, the casino offers a small free bonus, always interesting to take.