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Progressive jackpots - We all play at the online casino to make money even though sometimes it's not our motivation. We still have somewhere in our mind this desire to fill our pockets. We should not be ashamed of it, not at all, we say it everywhere we do demonstrations, the casino is an area where money can arrive quickly.And to earn more money than usual, you have a new game mode created by casinos, this is called progressive mode, we often talk about games with "progressive jackpots". What we are going to do in this article is simply introduce you to this game mode and then tell you what kind of games you can find.

What is progressive mode: Progressive mode is a game mode that first appeared in land-based casinos. It related exclusively to slot machines. It is a mode that will connect players who will play a game on the same network. We will see together how it is organized so that you can better understand. Know above all that for the progressive mode, colossal sums are at stake. Sums that are quite attractive for all players.

How is the progressive mode built? You will see that the progressive mode is very simple to build in reality for an online casino. What you need to know first and foremost is that some casinos use the same game publishers, this translates into the fact that you will sometimes find a game, a slot machine for example at several virtual casinos while the latter do not. do not belong to the same group, so it's perfectly normal.

When a game is put into progressive mode, it is on all casinos that put it online. It must be said that for them, it is also a good marketing point, plus the bonus is important, more players will come to the casino to play. So, the slot machine for example, is put on the same network for all the casinos, a part of each bet players will go for the casino as compensation, of course, but the other part will simply go into the common pot. That's why this jackpot can grow very quickly. That's how progressive jackpots are built.

On which games is the progressive mode possible? You will find the jackpots mainly on the slot machines but more and more now, you also find on other games.What is the game, it takes to win, you make bets of a maximum amount on the machine, sometimes by the way, they are already defined, their amount is important sometimes, so be careful to have the appropriate budget.