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Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games as well as one of the most loved by casino players. The reasons for this success are numerous: it is easy to play, fast, fun and combines the beauty of poker with that of slot machines. rules are close to those of poker, the combinations are those, on the other side you do not play against other players, bets are simple and fast and is not required a thorough understanding of the rules, not even the cold blood, as it would instead for the poker.

The Advantages of Online Video Poker

Video Poker is a game halfway between poker and video slots, this means that the required gaming skills do not even come close to those of poker but at the same time I'm not totally out of luck like slot machines. In addition to this Advantageous video poker games have payouts, or payout percentages, some video poker games return 100% of what they bet. Remember that before betting on a machine always check the pay table, which must be made public, and maybe play video poker for free to verify them. Video poker is also a game of skill, even if the rules are simple, in fact you have to make choices so luck affects but that's not all.

How to Play Video Poker

Before getting the cards, you have to decide how much to wager, players can bet from € 0.25 to € 5 per game. Once the bet is placed, remember that if you want to win the jackpot you will have to bet the maximum allowed, click on the button to distribute the cards. At that point the cards are delivered and you have to choose whether to keep the hand received or change them. The goal is to get a winning hand (each combination obviously pays differently). In case you decide to change cards will be dealt others, at which point if you have a winning combination the winnings will be paid out.

Video Poker Bonus

Some video poker games offer game bonuses. If you have a winning combination, you can choose to activate the bonus. In this case, players can wager double or zero. In this case, 5 cards will be dealt to the players, 1 face down and 4 face down. The player has to choose one of the hole cards, if the value of this is higher than the face-off value the bonus has been won.