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Poker Freeroll Tips

Tips for playing freerolls are a good opportunity to start poker, allowing you to spend your money without saving money to build your bankroll for the future. Here are some helpful tips to play these freerolls and maximize your chances These free tournaments attract many players and it is not uncommon to have to face several hundred or even a thousand other players.

There are mainly two types of players in freerolls: Beginning players, eager to fight, who sometimes tend to neglect their game because of the fact that they have nothing to lose, and therefore to take reckless risks, sharks, who know that some beginners will not play not a good poker and thus a freeroll is a great opportunity to earn money, since it is relatively easy to reach the paid places. Starting from this observation, here are the first two basic tips that we can give you :

The first tip we can give you in the freerolls is: Wait patiently for the number of players still in contention to decrease. Do not try to eliminate players, but wait for them to eliminate themselves. Many players will be looking to increase their stack of chips very quickly, and for that, they will be ready to take more or less any hand to the end. Of course they will win some hands, but nothing is ever acquired in poker and it is easy to lose everything on an all-in that should not have been done. Freeroll or not, you play to learn poker, but also to win.Play carefully and do not play the bluff at the beginning of the freeroll, there will always be a fool to follow you.

Be careful not to miss the good opportunities as much: Do not hesitate to play when you get good hands with real chances to win the bet. For that, spend some time on our calculator of probabilities in poker, ideal to distinguish the good poker hands of the trash.

Keep playing cautiously, and let the impatient get rid of each other. Except to have an incredible hand, like A-A, do not get in the game if several players have already raised before you, fold and watch them send all rugs on the next betting round. You have not taken any chances, you have won nothing, but you will have at least one less opponent and you will get closer to the carefully paid places.

Be careful however to keep a correct stack, to be taken seriously when the time comes and not obviously be followed by a player with 5 times more chips when you want to send all-in to win a pot in the freeroll.Souvenez- you only pay on a table of 10 in a poker tournament, you pay the blinds only 2 shots on 10. You can play tight without you run out of chips.

Last tip for real beginners: in a freeroll or even another tournament, even if you have a trash that does not deserve to be played, do not go to bed when you're big blind if no one raises, you can see the flop for free by checking, and some nice surprises happen sometimes. Some smile at the reading of this last advice on the freerolls, but if I talk about it it's because I've already seen it, and even many times .